Controlling a NAO robot using states

From our partners in robotics we often hear that TiViPE is easy to use, but for starters the first steps appear to be the biggest hurdle. Here is a step by step approach how to use TiViPE as an end-user programming environment without any textual programming.

In this case we construct a robot control example by using states.

Figure 1: Flow chart of toy scenario.

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Connecting a NAO robot

The aim of this post is to control robots using TiVIPE software. A robot, a computer, a router or internet switch, and 2 ethernet cables are required. The document describes in short steps how these components are connected, started, and checked. In addition the steps needed to get check every connection and to get the software working properly within TiViPE are described.

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Merging modules

One of the extremely powerful tools of graphical programming is compounding a set of modules into a single new module. Nevertheless even if this is a fully automated process, the compiler is not smart enough to generate useful documentation, nor is it able to fixate or reorder parameters. This post elaborates on how to merge a set of TiViPE modules to a new module.

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