Business models

TiViPE accepts taking risks and adopts the type of financing that fits best to goals of a customers. This varies from revenue sharing to development at own risk and expense.

In accordance with the customer is determined what type of cooperation is desired:

  • declaration based, by time (and materials) with the juridical obligation of best intent.
  • fixed project price based, with result obligation.
  • licensing; TiViPE is the owner of the developed software and the customer pays a license fee per sold product.
  • cooperation in a consortium with other disciplines that mutually invest in the production of an end product.
  • revenue sharing; TiViPE obtains income per sold component of the customer.
  • a mixture of these options.


Software licenses have been common for PC software, but can just as well be used for tailor-made software. A licensee will have the right to use this software whereby the title (intellectual property of software) remains the sole property of the developer. Note that it is still possible to keep the intellectual properties (on hardware, method, or algorithm).