Software is our passion. Innovation is our drive, we are keen on starting where others say: “stop this goes beyond our software skills”.

Our expertise is providing platform independent software solutions on Windows, Mac, and Linux/Unix systems, this can be an embedded system, PC, or a mixture of machines.

In particular but not restricted to:

  • Image processing
  • Real time processing
  • Parallel processing

In the fields of (but not restricted to):

  • Medical systems
  • Robotics
  • Hightech systems

besides providing technical solutions we also take care of user interfaces to obtain easy access or control of device by providing:

  • Domain specific languages
  • Graphical building blocks that can be connected ot each other using graphical end user environment TiViPE

For instance the offered Xray image enhancement system for medical cardio-vascualar applications yields excellent image quality, superior performance, and its price has dropped substantially, since off-the-shelf consumer components are used. Using this technology enables a cascade of other solutions in the field of medical imaging, such as enhanced image resolution, ease of patient data acquisition and storage, and per image billing. The technology made is modular and will grow with the latest developments in consumer electronics.

Graphical software programming environment TiViPE provides an infrastructure of connecting building blocks to provide non technical specialists the opportunity to create a program needed to conduct their work, for instance by creating a scenario to let man and robot interact with each other.