The latest TiViPE release for Windows 10 is 2.1.8 (October 2018).

[689 MB]

TiViPE can be downloaded for free under GNU-GPL license. Commercial developers however need a different license, please contact us. TiViPE (and required packages) will be installed by execution of the installation program.

The installer should be executed as administrator and can be executed multiple times, since it will ‘remember’ its former status.


TiViPEwindowsInstaller1Click Next and I agree.

TiViPEwindowsInstaller2Select all packages that have not been installed on the PC yet.

TiViPEwindowsInstaller3Click install.

Once the installation is complete, TiViPE can be executed from the command line


or by selecting

start->All Programs->TiViPE->TiViPE

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