The latest TiViPE release for Macintosh OS X 10.13 High Sierra is 2.1.4 (October 2018).

[702 MB]

TiViPE can be downloaded for free under GNU-GPL license. Commercial developers however need a different license, please contact us.

Copy the downloaded file to the home directory, and extract its data using a terminal (Right upper hourglass -> Terminal):

cd $HOME
tar xzf TiViPE214OSXhighSieera.tgz

Open your favorite editor and add

# --> Read $HOME/TiViPE/vars, if present.
if [ -f $HOME/TiViPE/vars ]; then
 . $HOME/TiViPE/vars 

to the $HOME/.bashrc file.

Open a new terminal and type


on the command line to start TiViPE.

Validate that all the packages required as described below are installed. Check the file $HOME/TiViPE/vars and verify that all paths and variables have been set properly.

Packages that need to be installed in the OS X distribution

TiViPE relies on a number of programs. First of all Xcode it is obtained from the Mac store and is required to code:

Download and install it.

Install MacTeX it used to convert LaTeX formatted documentation into images:

Download and install it.

MacPorts is used to compile and install available open source packages

Download and install it. The following ports are required:

  • fftw3 +universal
  • ImageMagick
  • openssl +universal
  • putty

The packages are installed by typing sudo port install followed by the name of the package given above.


TiViPE makes use of Qt, it is downloaded from

Install qt:

chmod 755
sudo ./

Select all of qt 5.11.2 and source. Qt will be installed in /$HOME/Qt.
Note that the directory installed should be the same as the QTDIR variable in $HOME/TiViPE/vars.


Download cuda_10.0.30_mac.dmg from

and install all in the default setting. CUDA is installed at /usr/local/cuda.

For artificial intelligence cudnn is needed.

and select cuDNN v7.3.1 Library for OSX. Next extract the file as follows

tar xzf cudnn-10.0-osx-x64-v7.3.1.20.tgz
sudo mv cuda/include/cudnn.h /usr/local/cuda/include
sudo mv cuda/lib/* /usr/local/cuda/lib

Cuda version 10 requires command line tools version 9. Hence download CLT Command_Line_Tools_mac_9.4.dmg from the apple store, install it and next set it by calling

sudo xcode-select --switch /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/