Eén vandaag 2014

TiViPE software technology appeared on Dutch national TV Eén Vandaag on January 28, 2014.


The movie can be downloaded by clicking trosavroEenVandaag28Jan2014.m4v [44.4 MB].

Eén Vandaag (OneToday) is a current affairs programme broadcast on the Dutch public television network Nederland 1. The programme, which airs on Monday to Saturday evenings at 6:15pm CET is a co-production of the broadcasting associations AVRO and TROS. The article itself can be found at Robot als toekomstige mantelzorger

The program is a result obtained by the WikiTherapist project lead by Dr. E.I. Barakova of the technical university of Eindhoven. This project is a collaboration between the Leo Kannerhuis, a center for autism training, represented by Bibi Huskens, TU/e, research on human robot interaction and social interaction in particular, represented by Emilia Barakova, she is connecting the robot at the ‘moment suprême’. TiViPE is the third participant for technical expertise and software development, and represented by Tino Lourens.

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