The latest TiViPE release for Linux Ubuntu 16.04 is 2.1.3 (June 2016).

[129 MB]

TiViPE can be downloaded for free under GNU-GPL license. Commercial developers however need a different license, please contact us. Download TiViPE213Ubuntu1604.tgz  for Linux Ubuntu 16.04.

Open a terminal (ctrl-alt-t) and copy the downloaded file to the home directory, and extract its data:

cd $HOME
tar xzf TiViPE213Ubuntu1604.tgz

Open your favorite editor and add

# --> Read $HOME/TiViPE/vars, if present.
if [ -f $HOME/TiViPE/vars ]; then
 . $HOME/TiViPE/vars 

to the $HOME/.bashrc file.

Open a new terminal and type


on the command line to start TiViPE.

Validate that all the packages required as described below are installed. Check the file $HOME/TiViPE/vars and verify that all paths and variables have been set properly.

Packages that need to be installed in the Ubuntu distribution

TiViPE relies on a number of programs. By default gcc, tar, perl, and ghostscript have been installed in the Ubuntu distribution. In addition the following packages are needed:

  • doxygen
  • fftw3
  • ffmpeg
  • texlive-full
  • imagemagick
  • libinsighttoolkit4-devlibgl1-mesa-dev
  • graphviz
  • putty

The packages are installed by typing sudo apt install followed by the name of the package.

Qt 5.6 or later

TiViPE makes use of Qt, it is downloaded from

Install qt:

chmod 755
sudo ./

Select the 5.6 (or 5.7) gcc 64 bit version. Qt will be installed in /opt/Qt.
The directory installed should be the same as the QTDIR variable in $HOME/TiViPE/vars.


Download from

and install cuda

chmod 755
sudo ./

Next take the following steps

accept install driver 361.62 (yes; no if there is no NVIDIA hardware)
opengl libs (yes)
run nvidia-xconfig (no)
cuda (yes)
link (yes)

Cuda is installed at /usr/local/cuda-8.0 and a symbolic link is created to /usr/local/cuda.